Trabajador del hierro fuego

FOUNDED IN 1915 and located in Huesca ( Spain), Talleres Usieto is a family business that has always been dedicated to iron works. Our blacksmith knowledge passed on from one generation to another and this is clearly reflected in the quality of our products.


Black Toro is our line of smokers that arises from the passion of one of our staff members for the authentic American barbecue. Built by professionals workers, Black bull smokers are robust smokers which will maintain their qualities for many years.



All our smokers are customizable, so you can choose  to set an isolated firebox, counterweights, wheels, air inlets and many other accessories and features.

Also if you have your own smoker project or idea we will love to build it for you.


Following Texas tradition, we manufacture tubular shape smokers with an attractive old school looking. Round smokers prevent dripping on top of meat from internal condensation and are also easier to clean.


We also manufacture straight line smokers with cabinet style. Square smokers perform also great and they are cheaper to manufacture.  Square smokers give us more options for designing and they are a better option to build bigger smokers for restaurants or catering business.

4mm or 6mm SMOKERS.

4mm thickness barrels offer excellent performance with an adequate price. They are fast smokers and they also give us a good heat retention.

6mm thickness Increases heat retention: after opening cooking chamber doors these smokers quickly recover our target temperature. These smokers also optimize wood consumption. Obviosyly these smokers weight more which make them more expensive.

EUROPEAN SMOKER BUILDER. We build our smokers in north Spain and we sell them not only in Spain but also in the European Union. 


Our smokers


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