You can customize your smoker

All our steel smokers can be customized with accessories not included as standard, in the photo gallery of each smoker model you can see different variants that we have manufactured based on the requests of our customers. Check the included accessories and tell us the improvements you want to add in your smoker.

WHEELS. The choice of wheels depends on the terrain in which the smoker will move. We offer all kinds of wheels ranging from old school wagon-type, solid rubber wheels (swivel, with and without brake) and all-terrain pneumatic wheels with rotation axis recommended to move the smoker on uneven unpaved terrain .

AIR COLLECTOR. Specially recommended for  medium and large smokers, the collector creates a wider and smoother pull of hot air, prevents smoke from stoping in the corners of the cooking chamber and obtains an uninterrupted flow and a more transparent smoke.

WARMING PLATES. It is welded to the top of the firebox and it has many uses:

  • Drying the firewood that will be introduced into the smoker; By removing its moisture, the wood will generate a cleaner and more transparent smoke.

  • Warm sauces, stews, coffee, etc.



LOWER STORAGE TRAYS. They are very practical for tocking firewood, kitchen accessories, etc. If we often move the smoker around, it is recomended to customize these trays with walls and so we can keep the cargo in place.

The trays are manufactured with a robust frame and reinforced steel.















COUNTERWEIGHT. For large doors, the use of counterweights allows us to open the door without effort.














LOGOS AND DETAILS. You can custom your offset smoker with logos, drawings and any other element.

Contact us, tell us what accessories you need and we will make a budget for a quality and professional smoker.

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